Jeanne W. Baggs
Martha G. Moreno
Mary E. Carter (Memory of Florence Carter)
Rusty Shearer (Memory of Claudia Shearer)
Bill Fitch (Memory of Ann Hankinson Lane)
Leisa Powell Pedone & Paul Pedone (Memory of Ann Lane)
Eugene Wolfe (Memory of Ann Hankinson Lane)
Dr. Julius T. Rucker (memory of Florence Carter)
Stacey Plooster (Memory of My Family)
Tyler and Stacey Plooster (Memory of Florence Carter)
Jacquely Blanchard (Memory of Ann Hankinson Lane)
Russell and Maria Powell (Memory of my parents Hal & Mary Powell)
Mrs. John Carpenter (Memory of Florence Carter)
"A Friend" (Memory of Florence Carter)
Nancy Wadsworth (Memory of Ann Hankinson Lane)
Kay Mackie (Memory of Florence Carter)
Russ & Maria Powell (Memory of Beth Hankinson Fitch)
Earl Staulcup (Memory of Florence Carter)
Anne Honeycutt (Memory of my cousin Ann Hankinson Lane))
Anne Honeycutt (Memory of my parents Elizabeth & Robert Powell)
L.A. Milligan III
Cheryl & Sam Tyson (Memory of Ann Hankinson Lane)
Paul & Linda Turner (Memory of Florence Carter)
Carol Clements (Memory of Philip & Martha Rossignol)
Anne Barksdale (Memory of James and Nancy Barksdale)
Mike & Susan Carter (Memory of Dr. Curtis H.& Sara M. Carter)
Alice D. Carter (Memory of Dr. Curtis H. Carter)
Curtis H. Carter (Memory of Florence B. Carter)
Elizabeth Sherrill
Mrs. Sara Broadwell (Memory of Florence Carter)
Bill Fitch (Memory of Beth Fitch)
Heidi & Gene Meder (Memory of Florence Carter)
CSRA Flyfishers, Inc. (Memory of Florence Carter)
Will Sherrill